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Socializing :)
Last weekend we visited Germany. We left home on friday afternoon and before we left the Netherlands we made a quick stop in Naarden to pick up our new dog scooter. I posted a video of our first try on YT. You can find it on the bottom of this post.

We arrived in Germany quite late in the evening, so after a quick walk we headed to bed. The next morning we ate a delicious breakfast and went to Trechtingshausen to visit the German Basenji Speciality. Not only did we meet lots of nice looking Basenjis, we also met some really great Basenji people. Some we already knew and some new ones as well. After the show we went to eat at a restaurant that was reserved for Basenji people. We had a lovely time with great company! A big "thank you" to Sabine Nagel, Dorota Müller and their partners for making this such a pleasant evening :)

Tillo, Kibibi and Aloua
We didn't enter Tillo for the Speciality on Saturday, but that didn't mean we had nothing planned for him! We made an appointment with Dani to go to the racetrack in Huenstetten on Sunday. We weren't the only ones interested in letting their Basenjis race! This resulted in 19 Basenjis at the start! Wow! Tillo ran with Dorota's two girls, Kibibi and Aloua. And it was his first time to wear his muzzle.. he did great! Also Kibibi and Aloua did perfect. It was their first time ever to run after a lure, and, as true Basenjis, they understood what was expected right away! Another succesful and fun day!

Job made some pictures on both days. You can find them by clicking on the links.
Basenji Speciality
Track racing

Also fun to read is the website of the racetrack in Huenstetten: http://www.windhund-arena.de/?p=2724&nggpage=3 They also have some great pictures online.

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