Elegant Elephant Mirtillo

Tillo flying during an agility workshop
Wow... it has been quite a while since I updated Tillo's website.. But that doesn't mean we haven't done anything in the meantime! Tillo still is a very active boy: we train in LC, track racing and agility and also compete in an occasional agility match. In our leisure time we walk, cycle or bring a visit to Tillo's friend Pip, my sisters young JRT.

Tillo and Pip playing
Of course we haven't stopped to take pictures of all our adventures! Because Weebly has a little trouble with my heavy uploading.. I won't be uploading the pics to this website anymore. From now on you can find them on our Flickr.com account and/or on Facebook. I will put a link to the right set of pics in every new post I make, so they are easy to find :)

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