Elegant Elephant Mirtillo

Today we went to Alphen a/d Rijn. A Dutch dog forum organized a fun day for its members and of course we joined! We entered Tillo in two workshops and competed in the agility match. The first workshop was obedience. It was quite hot in the sun, but Tillo was willing to work with me for some treats! In the picture you can see him perform his just learned 'touch'.

Tillo being judged by Janneke
The second workshop was a sort of show/judge training. It was very informative and interesting!

The agility match was.. really interesting as well.. haha.. Tillo did superb.. except for the running-off-to-do-a-round-of-tunnels part. A well, he came back and had a very nice round overall. I'm proud of him :)

To make a great day, even more fun, we watched some really nice demonstrations of doggy dance and police dog training. And Tillo got a new collar! We are all tired now! I bet we'll sleep like babies tonight..

Pictures of today can be found here.

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