Elegant Elephant Mirtillo

We just spent two weeks in Sweden, Tillo's Country of Birth. We had a great time! Sweden is a lovely country with lovely people and beautiful Basenjis! Right in the middle of our two weeks of doing nothing we went to the Swedish Speciality, which was a great experience! It was very nice to meet part of the family Holmberg again and of course Umbra, Tom and Xtra, Tillo's family. We definitely enjoyed it! Tillo did well and became 5th with an Excellent and an Honour price in a big intermediate class. We do have to practise the trotting in a large ring, though.. ;)

In the second week we visited Stockholm, which is a beautiful city! Tillo showed that he's a real city dog, thoroughly enjoying all the views and smells :)

Tillo also had a girlfriend named Bonnie, the flatcoated retriever of the owners of our cottage. They liked eachother from the first minute they met and have shared the garden for quite some hours.. which made sure the camera wasn't brought for nothing. You can find the pictures here. And the show pictures here.

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