Elegant Elephant Mirtillo

Yesterday I got an email from Åsa, Mirtillo's breeder. She told me she saw from the pictures that it was time for me to handle the scissors and trim Tillo's tail.. Well.. today was the day.. I took a deep breath.. And told Tillo to STAND STILL.. You can see the result in the picture.. I think we did pretty well! ;)

Tonight we had an exam at our show training. There was a real judge, who gave points for all the different aspects, like walking a straight line, standing still, being touched, attention of the dog, clothes handler etc.. We got all excellents, except for the straight line.. Because Tillo was jumping and hanging in my clothes.. :D

Last but not least: I uploaded new pictures of Tillo in his "April - June" gallery. Because I thought there were a bit too much pics in his gallery, I decided to make a new website were all the pics can be found (from now on) and I will only upload a very small selection to this site.

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