Elegant Elephant Mirtillo

Yesterday we were at the race track in Huenstetten, Germany. The Basenji Klub Deutschland organized a Basenji race and of course, Tillo wanted to compete as well! We had really nice weather and the company was just lovely. Besides that, Tillo had a lot of fun racing at the beautiful sand track. He ran two nice times: 31.37 seconds in his first race and 31.65 seconds in his second race (350 m). The best time counted and with this result he became 5th best male in open class, right after number four: Thabo ran his first and fastest round in 31.36 seconds! He ran his second round in 31.68.. Would have been fun to see these boys compete 'man-to-man'! Would definitely have been a photo finish! Who knows, maybe in the near future..? ;) :) 

Job made some nice pictures of the Basenjis at the track. You can find them here.

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