Elegant Elephant Mirtillo

Last Saturday we went to Zaltbommel for the Dutch Speciality. We showed both Tillo and Lycia and they did wonderful! They were entered in the intermediate class and they both became second with an Excellent. Tillo also took "Best Head" in Sweepstakes! It was Lycia's first time in the ring, but  she did great! Even on the table she stood perfectly still. Pictures of Lycia and her judge report can be found on her page.

In the picture you can see handsome Tillo standing on the table. Other pictures of him in the ring can be found here and of course his judge report is online too :)

The Dutch Basenji Club also organized a coursing, which was a great succes! Both pups loved it! I think it's clear from the picture how crazy Tillo is about the lure... But Lycia wasn't bad either! She also coursed for the first time and she didn't need any explanation! They ran two courses alone and the third together.

Job took some beautiful pictures that can be found on Lycia's page and in Tillo's coursing gallery.

Last weekend we went to Trechtingshausen, Germany, for the Speciality. It was a very good organized show, a beautiful show ground and a wonderful and gentle judge. Tillo didn't really feel like showing, but still did ok. He got his first VG and became fourth in his class. In the Sweepstakes he won "Best Wrinkles". On the picture you can see proud Tillo and his big ribbon with the Rhine in the background.

Of course we brought Lycia as well. She wasn't shown, but we did take some nice pictures of her and her handsome dad Echo. You can find them here.

Pictures of Tillo in the ring can be found in his gallery and his judge report can be found here.