Elegant Elephant Mirtillo

Today we went to Alphen a/d Rijn. A Dutch dog forum organized a fun day for its members and of course we joined! We entered Tillo in two workshops and competed in the agility match. The first workshop was obedience. It was quite hot in the sun, but Tillo was willing to work with me for some treats! In the picture you can see him perform his just learned 'touch'.

Tillo being judged by Janneke
The second workshop was a sort of show/judge training. It was very informative and interesting!

The agility match was.. really interesting as well.. haha.. Tillo did superb.. except for the running-off-to-do-a-round-of-tunnels part. A well, he came back and had a very nice round overall. I'm proud of him :)

To make a great day, even more fun, we watched some really nice demonstrations of doggy dance and police dog training. And Tillo got a new collar! We are all tired now! I bet we'll sleep like babies tonight..

Pictures of today can be found here.


Yesterday we drove on the freeway and saw that the heathers are in bloom at the moment.. We decided to bring a visit to a beautiful heathland near Huizen to go for a walk with Tillo. Of course we brought the camera and Job made some really great pics. Tillo's red coat goes great with purple ;)

For more pics, click here! They are really worth it!

Tillo wearing his new muzzle

Our second weekend in August was just as active as the first one. Last week we had a training at the race track and an agility workshop. Yesterday we were back at the race track and today we had LC training. Because we are planning to compete abroad, we bought a muzzle for Tillo. In the pic you can see Tillo wearing it.

Tillo @ LC training
Let's hope he'll accept it during the course and won't mind it too much..!  

Job took some beautiful pictures of Tillo running and flying. If you would like to see them, please click here. These pics may be the last ones of Tillo running without muzzle!

Tillo flying during an agility workshop
Wow... it has been quite a while since I updated Tillo's website.. But that doesn't mean we haven't done anything in the meantime! Tillo still is a very active boy: we train in LC, track racing and agility and also compete in an occasional agility match. In our leisure time we walk, cycle or bring a visit to Tillo's friend Pip, my sisters young JRT.

Tillo and Pip playing
Of course we haven't stopped to take pictures of all our adventures! Because Weebly has a little trouble with my heavy uploading.. I won't be uploading the pics to this website anymore. From now on you can find them on our Flickr.com account and/or on Facebook. I will put a link to the right set of pics in every new post I make, so they are easy to find :)